Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crafty Tuesdays

During the school year, my friend Caroline hosts Crafty Tuesdays most weeks at her home.  I am going to miss those Tuesdays now that school is almost out.

Photo credit Kim Niedzwiecki of GoGo Kim
Most times I do more chatting than crafting, because it's nice to have friends to discuss important topics!    It's amazing what problems you can solve when you sew with friends.

While others knit, embroider, bead or hand stitch quilt bindings, I usually will work on my long term EPP project.  I hope to make a quilt out of these one day.

I have picked up knitting, but I am super slow.  I do like its portability and few necessary supplies.  I am still practicing the knit stitch while making a scarf.  It's pretty mindless which is what I like about this project.

Books and magazines also play an important part in our gatherings.

Do you regularly get together and craft with friends?
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Medallion Making with Gwen

In a moment of weakness when I was feeling sorry for myself missing QuiltCon 2016, I registered for a three day class with Gwen Marston.  Never mind that it was taking place on the other side of the country; that just happens to be where my grandson lives anyway!

When I wasn't learning from Gwen, I was hanging out with Leo!  That's what I call a win win!
 The Liberated Medallion was a three day workshop hosted by The Quilted Strait in Port Gamble, WA.  Such a beautiful location on the water, with lots of natural light in the classroom.  I was familiar with Gwen's liberated quilt making style but had not met Gwen before, and I was super excited about the opportunity.  Gwen did not disappoint.  This workshop was right on the heels of QuiltCon so I got the scoop from Gwen on what I missed ;-)

So, this was how my medallion started.  I brought my low volume fabrics and some bright prints and a vague idea of where I wanted to go with my quilt.  Gwen is all about doing "what makes you happy", so I kept that in mind while I worked.

Gwen was good about having us gather up front periodically so she could teach us new techniques, walk us through her book, and answer questions.  This was my first three day workshop ever, and I can really see the benefit of more than one day of a class.

There was some show and tell by Gwen and even others in the class.  These ladies are all so lucky to live close to The Quilted Strait and quite a few of them had taken classes with Gwen previously.  She is a regular teacher in the area.

We each had our own design wall, and my table mates were encouraging each step of the way.  It was great to bounce ideas of each other.  There was such variety in the projects going on, and it was nice to take a break, walk around the room and admire what others were creating.

 At the end of a long day at class, I would drive "home" and have dinner with Leo.  We each talked about what we did at "school".  I sure miss being so far away from him.

The last couple of times I have visited Leo, I rented a cute little bungalow on a farm which has plenty of room for Leo to run around outside.  The horse wasn't around this time, but their rooster was a nice alarm clock in the morning!
After making a few rounds of my medallion, I realized there wasn't much "liberated" going on.  Notice I changed that around border number 3.

 This is as far as I progressed on my quilt top at the retreat.  I have a lot of "parts" made for the next round; it's just a matter of getting back to it.  The medallion and the extra bits on are on my design wall at home now, and I add to it here and there in between other projects.
Some of the ladies left before I thought to take a picture of their progress, but below are some who graciously allowed me to photograph their creations.  I also apologize if I have any names and pictures mixed up.  This was in February after all!

My "next door neighbor" Catherine

My "across the table" neighbor Eddie Jo





and last but not least, Sharon who I "knew" from Tonya's Liberated Amish challenge.  It's so nice to meet quilty friends in person...even if it takes a few years!  Sharon's blog post about Gwen's workshop can be found here.

 Leo's expression sums up how I feel when I am not with him.  Fortunately, I will be back for a visit next month...with Leo...not Gwen ;-))

 Thanks for stopping by my not so consistent blog!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where Ya Been?!

Interesting that my last post was a travel pillow finish as I have made five more trips since then!  Throw in a couple of bouts with the common cold and I wonder why I am so tired ;-))

There is so much to get caught up on here on the blog.  I have been making bee blocks, finished a small project or two, took a knitting class, made an "appearance" on a podcast, started our guild's newsletter, received some quilty gifts, bought cool fabric, and oh took a class with Gwen Marston!

Today I'll share the Mid Century Modern bee blocks made through April.  January's block was for Elizabeth, and I showed a sneak peek here.  The quilt top is still a secret.

Cindy asked for Books for Baby blocks from Ayumi's Patchwork Please! book for her sweet granddaughter.  One block made for MCM and one block for the Sew Sisters Bee.

Linda requested tiny churn dash blocks with a few Gwen Marston influences.  Perfect to make right after my class with Gwen.  Love these!

Stephanie is making a quilt to raise money for the Kalamazoo Academy of Rock and sent a palette of Paintbrush Studios solids to create a 12.5 x 18.5 HST block.  Gorgeous colors.

That's it for now.  I hope everyone has been doing well.  I have missed you.
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Finish: Travel Pillow

Yay for finding time to sew a small finish while on vacation!

I bought a yard of these three fabrics at the LQS and used some of it to make a small travel pillowcase.

I used this tutorial once before leaving off the prairie points.  Since I had three different fabrics, I decided to give prairie points a try.  Not hard at all!

It's the perfect size to take on the plane...not too little....not too big.

For some reason my family gets embarrassed if I take my king size feather pillow ;-))

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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: Fabric, Books and Hearts

Last Wednesday was our guild's February monthly meeting.  The Sewing Studio provides us meeting space and 15% off purchases.  I try and be good but I also think it's nice to support our LQS.

I wanted to buy at least a yard of every Blueberry Park print they carried (which is all of them!), but I "settled" for these seven and several yards of this gorgeous Alexander Henry black and white.

Our guild has a new library thanks to Lucky Spool Media.  I checked out Bedroom Style by April Rosenthal and plan to spend some time browsing while I am on vacation this week.  I enjoy listening to her on The QuiltCast podcast so I am really glad to have the opportunity to read her book.

I love mysteries and have discovered the Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny.  I am on the third book at the moment and can't seem to put these books down.  The fictional town of Three Pines sounds lovely and I can imagine myself having coffee or wine at the bistro with a group of friends.  If you love murder mysteries, I highly recommend these.

My friend Caroline made this lovely heart mini for me!  Isn't it wonderful?!  I just love the varied sizes of the hearts overlapping, and her quilting is fantastic!

On the off chance that I get to do some sewing while in Montana, I brought along these fabrics to make a bee block for Cindy.  She is making a quilt for her sweet granddaughter and is requesting #booksforbabyquilt  blocks from Patchwork, Please!.  Several blocks have already been made, and it's easy to see this will be a special quilt!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

52 Quilters Block

If you give me a deadline, I tend to wait until right before that date to finish.  That's my explanation/excuse for waiting so long to finish my 52 Quilters patchwork block.  We have until the end of this month, so you could say I am actually ahead of schedule...that is until I point out I was the featured quilter in Week 7.... of 2015

I debated quite a while on what block to make to represent my week.  In the end I went with a sewing machine....appropriate as my week was during QuiltCon.  The block pattern is part of the Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots series benefitting St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and the sewing machine can be found here 

Our block is to finish at 8" so I needed to do a ton some quilty math to scale this block down from 12.5" x 16".  There are 32 pieces in the sewing machine, each requiring adjustment.  I basically reduced each block piece in half to make the block approximately 6"x8" and added borders to square it to 8.5" unfinished.

I recently read in this post by Elizabeth there are a number of creative benefits to procrastinating!  She sites this NY Times article which is quite interesting.  If you want to explain to others why you procrastinate so much, take a read! 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

January Bee Blocks

Despite an unexpected hospital stay (I'm OK), I managed to finish my January blocks in the month of January!  I will use the hospital stay as my excuse though to not get them in the mail early enough for the recipients to receive them in January ;-)

For Peace Circle of do. Good Stitches, Steph requested rainbow/low volume diamond HSTs keeping them in two halves so she can mix them up for better variety.

Elizabeth is working on a new pattern so our Mid Century Modern bee blocks are top secret!

Sew Sisters doesn't start back up until February, so technically I am all caught up....sort of!

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