Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Happies

When I was in Montana last month I met my IG friend Keri aka The Quilted Valkyrie.  We had tried to meet on several occasions over the last year or so, and it was nice to finally make it happen.

inside shot
can you tell the picture was taken while on retreat?!
I brought along a Liberty of London journal cover and came home with a beautiful padded camera strap.  I think I got the better end of the swap.  After breakfast, we discussed fabric while shopping at Keri's LQS.

Keri and I at Main Street Quilting
I met another IG friend after she listed her white Singer Featherweight for sale.  I was so excited to get a white machine to match my mom's that I forgot to get a picture of Leona and I together.

my new baby needs a name
Leona recently moved back to Florida, so I am hoping we will have more opportunities to sew together (and get photos).

love from Florida
 I have a bag of these Bad Ass Quilters pins and love to put them on a handmade pin cushion as a gift along with fabric and a coffee mug.

fabric love
This Don't Postpone Joy pin was found at a local gift shop and is headed to another quilty friend and lover of fabric.

It's a good feeling to send and receive happiness, don't you think?!
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Monday, August 18, 2014

She Did It Again

So this arrived in the mail over the weekend.  A box full of happies and a gorgeous mini quilt all from my sister!

"I smile because we're sisters...I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!"

As Michelle pointed out, I know she loves me because she used her precious Cotton and Steel fabrics in this mini spool quilt (pattern from Thimbleblossoms).  I absolutely love the quilt, and it looks perfect hanging over another beautiful mini quilt, also made for me by Michelle!  My sister rocks!

two gorgeous mini quilts
Here's a closeup of the quilt where you can really see how gorgeous these Cotton and Steel prints are and how perfect the quilt looks on my blue walls.

closeup of mini spool quilt
Michelle sewed the fast finish triangles on the back for hanging, but I didn't have a hanger and I was anxious to get the quilt up on my wall.  

My new quilt is hanging in my happy place and makes me smile when I walk in!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finish: Journal Covers

With the exception of one item, this finish was from a few weeks ago.  Traditionally, we exchange happies (small gifts, just because) at our Gruber's retreat.  This year I made journal covers using Rachel's tutorial.  I love the fact that you can pull from scraps, cut into a favorite fabric, use an orphan block, piece together selvages and customize the cover with the recipient in mind.  I did all of the above!

made in Montana
All of the above covers were made while vacationing in Montana.  When I arrived in Minnesota, I bought the composition books to go inside.  This allowed more fabric in my suitcase without worrying about that pesky weight limit.  You can use any type of composition book, but I like to use the graph paper version.  Quilters love graph paper for sketching out ideas!  

scrappy 36 patch block
I paired each composition book and cover with a fat quarter of Florida flamingo fabric. Before you ask, it's designed by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake. 

cowboy-themed log cabin
The above cover combines linen, scraps of cowboy fabric from a past project and new "scraps" of Cotton and Steel.

Cotton and Steel version
More Cotton and Steel was used to make this journal cover.

Liberty of London four patch
I cut into my Liberty of London stash to make three of the journals.
Liberty of London strip
This one features one strip of Liberty of London inserted into linen.  I don't have a picture showing the inside which uses fabric my daughter-in-law brought back from Paris that coordinates perfectly.

another Liberty of London
One more with Liberty of London and Weave by Moda.

Anna Maria Horner themed

This composition cover is for my Anna Maria Horner loving friend.

Cotton and Steel selvages
I would buy Cotton and Steel for their selvages alone!  I made this journal cover with the selvages before using the fabrics in any projects.  I must admit it was hard to part with these clever selvages.  Must.buy.more!

That's a tiger....not a cat in the center

My sister was unable to attend this year's retreat.  Being the procrastinator I am, her journal was just made yesterday ;-)))  Sorry Michelle, the QuiltCon pencil is not included!

remembered the label
For Michelle, I used a college ruled notebook rather than the graph paper.  She knows why.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Really Random Thursday: End of Summer

My daughter started school yesterday (high school sophomore!), so I guess summer around here has officially ended.  I took the traditional first day of school photo, but she said she would disown and unfollow me (on Instagram) if I posted it anywhere on social media.

the Epcot golf ball
However, before school started back we had fun playing tourists.  Disney is quite close to us, so of course we rarely go there.  My husband's company had a retreat there last weekend which gave us an excuse to visit.  I get a kick out of Disney's merchandising and use of their logo.

only at Disney ;-))
For example, these Mickey Ear towels were placed on the beds...

room key and Epcot ticket

....and Disney has gone to wrist bands for room keys and incidental charges...makes purchasing a little too convenient...

embarrassed the kids by posing for pictures
Our weekend "away" was pretty short actually.  One day was spent by the pool with the evening being set aside for Epcot firework viewing.  

We had a quick dinner at the Mexican restaurant where I had the best margarita ever!  Mango, blueberry and basil with chili powder on the rim.  Trust me, it tastes much better than it sounds!  I may have had a second one.

lame fireworks photo
I took a short video of the fireworks to send to Leo since he loves the "boom" ;-))

Oh and tomorrow is National Relaxation Day!!  Make it a good one.

Oh yeah
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WiP Wednesday 8/12/14

Now that my bee blocks are all current, there are several projects in the works that need attention.  I'm thinking Lee's WiP Wednesday may help with accountability.

bee blocks from friends
I brought my spiderweb bee blocks to work on at Gruber's.  I assembled all the blocks made by my bee mates (I requested them unassembled so I could play around with layouts) and pieced them into giant blocks.

not the prettiest design wall but love my blocks
While at retreat, I also decided on a layout for the quilt and determined the total amount of blocks needed (quite a few more actually but not as many as pictured below!).  I cut and marked the necessary background blocks, prepped fabric strips and even managed to sew a few blocks.

layout designed with Touch Draw app
Now that I am home, I put all the blocks back up on my design wall, prepped more strips and am excited to get moving again on this quilt!

Michael Miller challenge needs quilting
My Michael Miller fabric challenge quilt top was started during a workshop with Jacquie Gering in June and finished at Gruber's.  It just needs to be basted and quilted.  I have already picked out the backing, thread color and quilt design.  This quilt is destined for a baby quilt charity drive.

Our guild is encouraging members to finish those old WiPs, so I need to get busy.  There are a lot more where these came from ;-)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Friendship and Christmas blocks

A few more Christmas blocks for our guild's Festival of Trees quilt.

Blocks 79 and 76
Again, I chose blocks from Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book.  The fabrics are all Moda 25th and Pine.

Season's Greetings
  This book has been perfect for this project as the block requirements are 6.5", same as the block instructions.  Above is Block 79; below is Block 76.

Holly Square
 It feels good to be caught up with my bee blocks well before mid-month!

Friendship stars 
100th post Friendship mini quilt
 Wish Circle of do. Good Stitches is collecting Friendship Star blocks for August using this tutorial.  Great blocks!  Reminds me of a mini quilt I made way back to celebrate my 100th post (I'm sharing the photo above because I'm not sure about the link) ;-))

Mary's our MCM Queen Bee this month and has requested HST blocks to make a quilt similar to this one.  My bee mates have the best quilt ideas!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Stars and Crosses

Block making for others has been the theme around here lately as I get caught up on bees and guild projects.

Square and Star block
Susan for our MCM Bee requested 12.5" star blocks with black background to make a quilt similar to this one.  I used the Square and Star pattern (from Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks) but made the corners HSTs.

Flying Cloud block
 From the same book, I made a 12.5" Flying Cloud star block for our guild's Festival of Trees quilt project.   Don't know what was going on with my camera.  The lighting is really off and the blocks are so much brighter in real life.

Tula Pink City Sampler block
After making 12.5" blocks, this 6.5" block seems tiny.  The block is number 15 from Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book.  This block is also for our Festival of Trees quilt.  We are using fabrics from the Christmas themed 25th and Pine by Moda.  I got a glimpse of the stack of blocks turned in so far and they look amazing.  I can't wait to see these blocks all laid out.

Look for more quilt block pictures coming soon as I work on August blocks ;-)))
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