Friday Finish: Another Garment

My husband and I spent a few days in Montana this week. He fished with his cousin; I read by the fire and sewed. Knowing I would have a bit of time to myself, I brought the garment pieces that I had cut and prepped to make the Atelier to Nani Iro Top A.

Top A in double gauze

Top A in double gauze

This double gauze fabric was an impulse add on from The Modern Sewist when I purchased the Washi dress pattern. The last second decision to bring this fabric with me on retreat was a great one and resulted in two shirts.

Headless photo

Headless photo

Both Jacqueline and Karyn were wearing Top A in Nani Iro double gauze. Anne and I took advantage of having the shirts on hand to try on and the pattern available for tracing. Anne finished her shirt while in Dripping Springs. Now that mine is done, the joke is we would show up as twins at Crafty Tuesday.


After sewing the shirt, I remembered that I also brought the “Yes, I Made It” label from Pam. There was no way I was going to unstitch the neckline, so I sewed the label right on top.

I am pretty pleased with how the shirt turned out. The style is forgiving, and the fit is really comfortable. The only issue I had with the shirt was the bias neckline. I brought the leftover bias strips from my Washi dress to use, and the linen/cotton fabric is probably too heavy for the double gauze. Or maybe, it is just my sewing. Also, the next time I will make the top longer.


I’ll end with a photo of the Lone Mountain as seen while driving down the mountain.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy stitching,

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