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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Challenge

My piece for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge announced by the NYC Mod Quilt Guild and encouraged by our OrlandoMQG is finished!!!

This was my first attempt at the DWR block so I chose to make a quilt for the Small category which only requires one ring.  I used the EZ Quilting templates, and once I figured out which way the templates went and my seam allowance (scant 1/4" was too small), the block went together quite easily.

The process was similar to putting together a puzzle, and I was quite happy when the pieces all fit together nicely!  The fabrics for the rings are in blues and purples from my scrap basket.  The background, backing and binding fabrics are all from the Mama Said Sew line by Sweetwater for MODA.

Once the double wedding ring block was pieced together, I machine appliquéd it with a zig zag stitch onto the background fabric using gray thread (Aurifil 50wt #2610).  Using my walking foot and the same gray thread, I quilted around and inside the double wedding ring shape.  I also quilted circles around the outside of the ring.

I was having too much fun quilting circles around the ring that I just kept going.   This picture (above) shows my original quilt was a bit larger.  It wasn't until after quilting, binding and photographing the quilt and went to link up with the challenge that I realized my quilt was supposed to be 20" or smaller.  Six or eight inches was cut from each side, and I had to restitch the binding.  It's all good - I like the smaller size better for keeping the focus on the ring and I learned that I need to pay more attention in the future ;-)

I would not have attempted this block if it wasn't for the fact that our guild encouraged us to participate.  Thanks Yanick for that!  I can say this was quite a challenge for me as well as a learning experience.  No doubt I will make this block again.

Quilt stats:
Name:  Sewing Circle wall quilt
Pattern: Double Wedding Ring block
Finished size: 20" square
Fabric used: Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater and blues and purples from my scrap basket; pieced with Aurifil 50wt #2021
Quilted: by me using walking foot and Aurifil 50wt #2610; binding hand stitched with Aurifil #2692

Thanks for stopping by!!
Happy stitching,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Play Days

Over the weekend, I spent some time working on smaller projects, trying a tutorial that I found on Pinterest, and learning a new technique.

For our guild's February Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt crayon challenge, I pulled out my mango and lemon fabrics and started piecing a mini crazy quilt.  I am excited about playing around with decorative stitches and different threads.

It's been forever since I have attended a baby shower, but when I saw these burp cloths on Pinterest I knew I wanted to make some for an upcoming baby shower.  I have only made this one so far from Aneela Hoey's Little Apples, but I plan to make several more.

 The biggest play day of all was spending an entire Saturday with my guild friends learning needle turn appliqué from Mary Sorenson!  This has been on my list of techniques to learn for a very long time. Mary's work is incredible, and she is a fabulous teacher!  I bought her DVD since I know once I get home I tend to forget what I learned in class ;-)

I was too busy learning to take many pictures, but I did snap this one of Leslie's handwork.  Michele has pictures on her blog.  Go see how pretty her flowers are!

Happy stitching!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clean Slate

So...I took the entire month of May off....
from sewing, quilting, blogging, blog reading...basically anything quilt related....
including replying to quilty emails (sorry to those who did not receive a response from me).....
even OMQG stuff (a huge thank you to those who covered for me)...
I didn't sneak a peek at any

Once I made this decision, it was the only way to go.....
I knew if I slipped just once, read one blog, peeked at Google Reader, it would be all over...
Needless to say, I truly missed y'all....suffered terribly from withdrawals...and was extremely grumpy...
The other day my husband suggested I get back to my blog, if that tells you anything;-) I am slowly making my way back....
still haven't read any blogs yet, but will remedy that shortly.....
attended a lively OMQG meeting Wednesday....
spent some time in my sewing room Thursday....

Mosaic of Dragonfly gifts received
Before my self-imposed quilting hiatus, I completed another Priority: Alzheimer's quilt.  This one was inspired by some wonderful dragonfly gifts I've received from family and friends.  I have a thing for dragonflies, and when making this quilt, googled the definition/origin of the dragonfly.  I just knew the dragonfly must represent friendship or love or some equally important value.

AAQI #7040 Batik Dragonfly
I was a bit disappointed that the top search results did not scream this fact, but further research resulted in this excerpt taken from the dragonfly-site:  The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. 

The traditional association of Dragonflies with water also gives rise to this meaning to this amazing insect. The Dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life (read more here:

 I also discovered that the Japanese culture views dragonflies as symbolizing courage, strength and happiness.  All this makes the dragonfly seem worthy of being represented in a quilt ;-)  I'm glad to know that as this particular quilt for AAQI was dedicated to my friend Hope, who is definitely worthy ;-)

Have an amazing weekend!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting Weekend

Saturday (International Quilting Day) was spent with the fun members of the OMQG.
As with previous Sew Days, there was lots of sewing, collaborating, and creating going on!

I had high expectations for the amount of projects I would complete in the six-seven hour time frame allotted.  I packed up supplies for finishing quite a few WIPs that have been gathering dust, as well as recently purchased fat quarters for one or two new projects I've had my eye on.

The first project I pulled out was this 3R's wall quilt which I started at a previous OMQG Sew Day.  At July's Sew Day, guild members brought scraps to share and make mini quilts based on Amanda Jean's ticker tape tutorial.  That day I didn't get any further than pinning my scraps to the background fabric.  
This time I was determined to finish.....and I did....but it took much longer than I expected....
hmmm....can you say the whole day:-)

Beth's first AAQI

While I spent hours sewing around tiny bits of scraps, I enviously watched my fellow guild members crank out some really cool blocks, quilts and other projects.  I did feel better when Beth referred to me as a Goddess....Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess that is ;-)  
Check out her first Priority: Alzheimer's quilt!!!  
I love, love, love it!

I didn't want the sewing to end, so I extended IQD to Sunday....besides I still had lots of quilting left in me ;-)  I did manage to finally finish my March AAQI quilt Two Hearts.  I ended up changing the backing and binding several times.

I also finished (except for stitching the binding down) my RK Solids Challenge.  I ended up in a totally different direction from previous pictures I showed.  I will save the completed quilt picture for another day, but here's a glimpse.  

I'm off to hand sew that binding.  Have an amazing day!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


While I was in Montana, I made this fun cross block from Heather's scraps and leftover fabric from the Siggy Swap.

I joined V's 15 Minutes Play and posted about my fifteen minutes of playtime making this.  It's a great place to play and share.  Check it out.

My Dad gave me this cross for our Montana home.

I love it...especially the turquoise beads in the center.  We were trying to find the best place to hang it...

...but my Dad found the perfect spot!  On another cross ;-)

I had to say goodbye to Montana for a while.....hello to Florida....and the heat.  But it's good to be home.

Have an amazing day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday #17

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day (a little early)!!!

My kids have been out of school this week, and we have been lazy.  That's my excuse anyway for not having much to show this week.  I did make all my 101 siggy blocks, sign them (which was the hardest part for me) and put them in the mail (the next hardest thing for me).

I also finished this little mini quilt for Valentine's Day.  Just a simple heart made with honey bun strips.  I then cut out a little heart in the center and then appliqued the bigger heart to the red background, batting and backing all in one step.

When I saw how cute the two heart shapes looked on the back, I decided no other quilting was needed.

This is my Life is Just a Box of Chocolates mini that I was really excited about.  The picture came out blurry, and I didn't even bother to retake it.  That's because my sewing abilities (or lack thereof) did not keep up with the brilliant idea visualized in my mind.  This one will need a redo.

Max and I wish you a very Happy Valentine's weekend!!!  Can't you tell how excited Max is about wearing his Valentine bandana and hanging out in my studio?

Click on the Sew and Tell Friday button and see all the wonderful finishes.  

Have an amazing weekend!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday #15

It's Friday again!  I can't decide if the weeks are dragging or flying by!
Well, for better or worse, it is finished!  I'm referring to this project, although I guess the same could be said for this week ;-)

Above is a picture of my Wildflower Art Quilt before it is bound.  I seem to finish my projects at night.  I also try to type my blog posts at night for publishing the next morning. That doesn't allow for the best picture taking conditions.

Here it is propped up on my cutting table. This is my attempt at making a quilt to look like the wildflower picture that is also in my blog header. In case you think it looks pretty much the same as the first WIP picture (see blog header), I bravely took some close ups of the stitching.  I didn't stitch too much in the outer flowers as they are "blown out" in the photograph, and I wanted it to have that same blurry look.

I hand sewed beads in the center of the main flower.  When I was tired of that, I surrounded the beads with  french knots.

With the machine, I stitched details inside the petals using different shades of yellow and gold threads.

Here is another picture of the main flower.  I'm not completely thrilled with the end result, but I am thrilled that I can cross it off my WIP list.  This is one of those projects that could go on forever by continuing to add detail to the flowers and the background.  Actually, I guess for the first time ever attempting this type of project, I'm happy with it...not completely thrilled...but happy.

I would like to attempt a project of this kind again, but not when I am in a hurry.  I wanted to finish this project so that I could say I finished this project...if that makes sense.  The next one I make, I'd like to really take my time and put more effort and detail into it.  But for now, I can say "I did it!"

Don't forget to see all the Sew and Tell Friday finishes.  You won't be disappointed.

Have an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Love

Yesterday's post was so long, I held these pictures back.  I meant to take pictures of these little quilts in the daylight in a more artistic setting, but I forgot.  Oh, well.  You still get the idea.

This is another quilt for AAQI.  I named it Tree of Love and has random hearts appliqued around a tree.  Appliqueing is another first for me.

This AAQI quilt is named Stars and Stripes and is made with honey bun strips and some left over fat quarters.  If I continue to make quilts for the AAQI, which I'd like to, I will need to get a little more creative with the naming.  I also had trouble completing the Artist's Statement portion of the registration in a way that sounded creative and artistic.

Here is another Before picture.  This is a corner of my office closet.

This is the After I cleaned it off, but Before I put the fabric back on the shelves.

How do you sort your fabric?  There are so many ways.  Do you arrange your jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes, fat quarters, etc. of a particular line together?  Do you sort your fabric into colors?  What about the quantity?  If you sort by color, do you then separate by amount?  For example, do you have separate areas for scraps, strips, stash, fat quarters, yardage?  Then there is the definition of scraps.  How big does a piece of fabric have to be in order to save?  Mind boggling!

This section of the closet shows my Christmas fabric.  I pretty much stopped there.  I would like to hear how you organize your fabric.

Have an amazing day!!!