Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: April blocks

April bee blocks finished in the knick of time.

favorite fabrics of Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander, Riley Blake

Rolling Diamonds (tutorial by knotty gnome crafts) for Debbie's month in our MCM Bee.

crooked photo
Courthouse Steps (using this tutorial but 2.5" strips) for Kirsten in the Wish circle at do.Good Stitches.  I love this oversize version of the block! I promise my blocks are square...just a lopsided photo ;-)))
Making this block brought back memories of one of the first quilts I ever blogged about - the Silver Anniversary/Courthouse Blues quilt made for my husband and our 25th wedding anniversary.

still with paper backing

Here are a few Aerial blocks I completed while at Sew Down.  This paper pieced pattern by Carolyn Friedlander is great for a beginner like me and fun for a workshop setting.  See...I occasionally am productive in workshops....although I do prefer to chat and get to know my quilty friends ;-)  I haven't decided where I am going with this quilt, but I liked using combinations of shot cottons and Carolyn's fabrics.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sew Down Nashville Recap

Fantastic trip to Nashville for the Modern Quilt Guild's SewDown!

gathering of Sew Together Bags in class
I don't know which was the best part....
love this group of mothers and daughters retreating together
Seeing quilty friends again and making new ones....

seeing the local sights with Victoria and Leanne
a busload of quilty peeps including my OrlandoMQG buddy Beata
Beata, Leanne, Carolyn and myself.
I like the one-eye photo of myself...need to do this more often
nice to finally meet Jessica who made this quilt for me in a swap
Charlotte, Liz, Shelby, Beata, Victoria, me and Leanne

The southern hospitality.....
Anna Maria Horner sending a virtual "Hi!" to my friend Terri
Live musical performances in the living room
The lineup of teachers....

Carolyn Friedlander
Anna Maria Horner
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Angela Walters (with Shelby)
The MQG "staff" and sponsors .....

Jen, Elizabeth and Heather working hard behind the scenes
giveaway drawing
or could it be my new "customized" sewing machine?!

Signed by some VIPs
and another VIP
Hard to choose just one favorite part of the weekend.  
All I know is I had a blast and left feeling inspired.
Who's ready for QuiltCon???!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun With Leo

Warning:  this is a Leo photo heavy post, but there are some quilting pictures included as well.

I spent a fun week with my grandson (and son) while my daughter-in-law was on a trip with her mom.  I am so thankful to have the time (as well as the cooperation of the rest of my family left at home) to travel three time zones over and lend a hand.  It can be difficult when family is spread all over.  I am sure there are many of you who can relate to this.

Leo and I had a good time with the daily chores....

yard work
"farm" work
We had a few routines....

morning coffee
napping with our quilts
checking our email

napping/not napping
going for a drive
Leo and I took a few field trips....

Island Quilter on Vashon Island, Washington
Quilted Strait in Port Gamble, Washington
Kids Discovery Museum so I will be invited back
I learned Leo loves to take selfies...

first day that cute embarrassed shrug he does
last day selfie....looking out the window....

I learned (accidentally) how certain features on my phone works thanks to Leo....

text to my daughter...

....asking for help
this is do you get to this screen?!
I learned Leo doesn't like to hold hands, but he will occasionally....

my heart just melts
Leo likes to climb like {ahem} someone else....

he didn't learn this from injuries on my watch!
Port Gamble

Leo showed me the water.....

missed Luke Haynes's exhibit at Island Quilter but he left a few quilts

....and I showed him beautiful quilts made by men.

ManMade3 exhibit at Island Quilter 
Leo against a backdrop of glorious color....Island Quilter

Quilt shops can be a great place to teach kids about color....

Aurifil thread in a rainbow of colors...Quilted Strait
colorful wool....Quilted Strait
Nature is also a good teacher....

Leo prefers the outside to inside of quilt shops!

 You are to be congratulated if you'd made it to the end of this post!!
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